Defender 110 Set without a aerial hole 2mm Chequer Plate Natural Fits up to 2007


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Product Details

Fits all Defender (Pre 2007) 110 vehicles. These are used to enhance the appearance and protect the panels of your vehicle.

This Set Contains:

Bonnet up to 2007

Wings without a aerial hole

Rear Wing Corners

Natural rivets are included for fixing


These are Laser Cut parts giving the edge a high-quality surface finish.
These are also available in a Powdercoated finish. Please see our other listings.
Pop rivets for fixing are also available for purchase.


Designed & Made in Britain

This product is designed and made in the UK by M12 Offroad and we are proud to support British industry. We use the best materials and utilise both new and traditional manufacturing methods. Our manufacturing team ensures the best standards of craftsmanship and adhere to a strict quality standard to guarantee our products durability.



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