Defender 90 Left hand drive Set with aerial hole 2mm Chequer Plate Natural (Fits up to 2007)


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Product Details

Fits all Defender (Pre 2007) 90 vehicles left hand drive

This Set Contains:

Bonnet up to 2007

Wings with a left hand drive Aerial hole

Rear Wing Corners


Natural Rivets are included for fixing

Sills protectors are the full length of the sill, If you would like these cutting down to size for wheel arches please message us as soon as you order

These are Laser Cut parts giving the edge a high-quality surface finish.
These are also available in a Powdercoated finish. Please see our other products.

These are used to enhance the appearance and protect the panels of your vehicle.

We Recommend You Rivet The Chequer Plate Onto Your Vehicle

Whilst We Will Help As Much As Possible With Questions About Fitting, If You Are Unsure Of How To Fit Chequer Plate Please Contact Your Local Garage For Professional Advice